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Get more value from your data in new and innovative ways. Migrate from spreadsheets to a modern analytics platform.


What is Vispeahen ?

Vispeahen is a data analysis platform that has emerged as a result of data warehouse, business intelligence, software experience know-how over 15 years. Vispeahen transforms and visualizes the ever-increasing and growing data into meaningful information that can be used in strategic decisions. Vispeahen differs from all other visulization products by adding new graphics as plugins, visualizing different data sources in the same model, working in distributed architecture, working under high load, quering and reporting on metadata of image files. With Vispeahen, the data can be visualized easily, quickly and aesthetically, and can be viewed on any desktop or mobile device in any location in the World, with any internet browser without installation.


Effective Visualization

Analysis in heterogeneous environments and visulization of different data sources in the same model.


Integrated With
Big Data

Reporting and visualization on Big Data

Web Based Modelling

Connection from any location in the World without installation using any any internet browser.


Integrated With Autonomous Database

Connection and visualization with Autonomous Databeses


Data Streaming Analysis

Realtime Data Streaming
Data analysis and reporting of real time data streaming.

Machine Learning

Prediction on streaming and stored data with using machine learning algorithms.
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  • Create Dynamic Dashboards

  • Integration with Big Data

  • Ability to work with different data sources

  • Ability to perform Geographical Data Analysis

  • Ability to work in Distributed Architecture

  • Web-based Data Modeling

  • Multimedia Metadata Query Feature

  • Web Interface

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Possibility to Run Parallel Query

  • Running multiple reports simultaneously in the same session

  • Ability to read data directly from CSV, Json (non-structured data type) and from files in parquet structure without a need for a database

  • Creating dashboards from different Data Sources like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSql, MongoDB, Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka

  • Ability to query from more than one data source with a join relationship for the same dashboard

  • Making warning definitions (conditional formatting),text and background color change, icon addition

  • Adding shadow to the plugins in the reports and background color to the report

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  • Preview of the reports

  • Ensuring that the information clicked on the Dashboard is used as a parameter

  • Ability to have the necessary Interface for displaying maps

  • By adding two topojson layers in the thematic map components used, the end user can see the data from summary to detail and from detail to summary by zooming in-zoom out between these layers.

  • Graphs/Dashboards can be created with the data on CSV

  • Saving the reports in excel, pdf file format

  • Developing a report through streaming real-time data and updating that in the user interface

  • Line-based authorization

  • Role-based authorization




Security based on Network


Vispeahen helps us to quickly monitor all processes and make decisions based on data by creating robust and scalable solutions for a wide variety of functions from the supply chain to production we need within our company.

 Taha KÜÇÜKPAZARLI / KPA General Coordinator

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